Import .XML from Premiere CS5

Hi there,

I have troubles trying to import an XML file from Premiere CS5. I export from there with “export/Final Cut Pro XML” option and this error message appears:
“Error while parsing XML file.”
I have read that storyboard pro can only import XML files from Final Cut Pro 6, but I thought that this option (export/Final Cut Pro XML) from Premiere could work.
Any solution for this?
There’s a converter a few posts below, but it looks like that it doesn’t support some features (splitted panels, transitions, camera movements…) I would like to import the whole project with all transitions, camera moves etc…

I’m working with storyboard Pro 2, running on Win 7 64bits. Premiere CS5.

Thanks in advance,


When Storyboard exports an Animatic project, it includes metadata for every panel.

This way, we you do a XML export from Final Cut Pro, all the metadata will be blindly included and Storyboard is able to sort out the panel modification.

If you workflow implies that you starting your project in Premiere or even in Final Cut, this metadata will be missing and Storyboard will have no clues about what is what.

Can you explain your workflow ?


Hi Francois,

Here my workflow:

  1. I export my storyboard project to AAF(generating video-one movie clip per panel- and audio files.
  2. A third party works with this AAF project on Premiere CS4 editing the panels, etc.
  3. Then the third party returns me this AAF project and I open it with Premiere CS5.
  4. I export the project with an option (from Premiere) called “export/Final Cut Pro XML”
  5. Then I try to import this XML into Storyboard Pro 2 and doesn’t work.

I understand that this is a bit strange process. Hope the explanation would be clear.

Thanks in advance,

Hi, Panbg,
Unfortunately, for now our storyboard pro only support the xml file which exported by Final Cut Pro.
We don’t officially support Premiere.

Could be nice if Editing in premiere could be supported one way or another in the future