Import video


For some reason I can’t import any video files in TB.
In some old tread, I found a suggestion to instal a QuickTime, but it doesn’t help :confused:

I’m working in TB Harmony Premium on Windows.

Any thoughts?

Which version of Harmony Premium?


My software is set up as it came in Default Mode.

When importing a video the first thing that occurs is a graphic pops up with a percentage bar as the file is converted to images.

Is it possible that you are just not noticing that pop up?

It is not a floating pop up. The pop up is attached to the top menu bar. It is small enough that it blends in with the interface surrounding the main Drawing/Camera/Perspective View window. I can see how it might go unnoticed.

Depending on the size of the video file the conversion to images could take a few minutes. If you are not aware of this percentage bar illustrating the process time you might be thinking nothing is happening at all.

Thank you for your reply.

Even though I’ll miss that small pop up window, the next one is bigger and can’t be missed at any point since you should make choices and press Cancel/Ok.
Thus it is something different :confused:

The same thing was happening to me, and I saw the pop-up window and I could solve it thanks, I continue to see 123 movies free