Import & Vectorize from TWAIN does not work

I have Toon Boom Studio 4.0 .

One of the options for importing hand-drawn art is to choose Import & Vectorize from TWAIN.
(Toon Boom Help Chapter 3 Importing Artwork — “Importing & Vectorizing from TWAIN” ).
When I try this option to import and vectorize directly to Toon Boom from my Twain device it does not work.

I have an Epson Expression 10000XL scanner with the latest Twain drivers for Mac OS 10.5 (intel Mac) installed.

Toon Boom can “see” the Epson Expression because it lets me select it from “Select TWAIN Source”.

But when I select the Epson Expression and then go to Import & Vectorize — From TWAIN nothing happens. The Import & Vectorize dialog box does not open, scanner interface does not open up , no dialog box, nothing.

I know the problem is not my scanner or my Twain drivers because other programs such as Photoshop can also “see” my Epson Expression as a Twain device and will scan directly from my scanner into Photoshop.

(by the way, I also have Toon Boom Digital Pro PLE , and the Digital Pro PLE can scan and vectorize directly from my Epson Expression scanner with no problem.)

Could someone from Toon Boom support please tell me how to fix this problem or if it has been reported by other users . Is this a known issue with Toon Boom Studio being incompatible with Epson scanners ?

Thank you.



I think that this behavior you are mentioning was addressed in the Mac patch that was released for version 4.0 of the software. You might want to try to download the software again and see if the latest version gives you the same thing.

If that is still not working could you try to download the trial version of 4.5 and see if you get better results?

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I am new to ToonBoom. Can anyone tell me how to get my Epson driver to appear in the select Twain device window? When I select select Import and vectorize form TWAIN the window for choosing a twain device is blank. Thanks.


Does your Epson scanner have TWAIN support? If the driver is TWAIN compliant it should automatically show up in the list. If it does not have TWAIN you might want to scan outside of the software and import and vectorize the bitmap inside Toon Boom Studio.

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Thank you. I will try that .

Will my license key still work after I have downloaded the patch ?

I installed ToonBoom Studio 4.0 from an install disc , not download. I just want to be sure that my license key will still work if I download a new version .


If you have version 4.0 installed and you go to your products page on the members area and download and install the latest revised version of 4.0 on that same machine then your current license will still work. There are no “patches” in reality, when they revised the version they provided a full version replacement (the latest “build” of the version). When you go to the member’s area and look at your products on the product page their license keys are also displayed next to each download selection, unless you never registered your software. (This is not an “official” answer, but I have been using TBS for many years and that’s how it works, or you can wait till Monday for the official answer from Ugo)-JK