Import Vectorised Color Images

Windows Vista, 32 bit
Toon Boom Animate
ATI Radeon HD 5600
90 GB free space

I’m trying to import images produced in Gimp into Animate. I’d like the images to be in color and relatively small in size. If I export from gimp as *.psd I can import the images as vectorised, color images keeping all transparency intact. If I export the images from Gimp as jpeg, I get the file size I want and can load the images as vectorised black and white with transparency in tact. However, if I go for a color import the transparency imports as white.

I guess what I really need is, small file sizes, color, vectorisation and the appropriate transparency.

Any ideas?


As far as I know, Animate converts any vectorized image into a Toon Boom Vector Graphic.
Whatever format you might choose, (keeping the same resolution)
The converted TVG file-size should stay fairly the same…

To keep the transparency, PNG seems to be the most reasonable solution…
Otherwise PSD or TIFF should work as well…


Hi Nolan

Thanks for your help. My source documents were relatively large photographs. I’ll try taking photographs with lower resolution, editing in gimp, exporting as png and importing into animate as color vector graphs. I’ve conducted some experiments and this does substantially reduce the size of the *.swf produced by animate and allows me to keep the transparency.


Hi there
You said that you want to get small file sizes, color, vectorisation and the appropriate transparency.I’d like to suggest you add an image processing tool which supports to adjust image color and change the image size effectively.But i also want to know that if there is any powful image tool which supports to work with this site.Thanks for any suggestions.