import Toon Boom scene/ rescaling-resizing scene?

Hi there,

I have a couple of questions here:

  1. is it possible to import a Toon Boom scene into another Toon Boom scene with all layers and stuff?

  2. is there a way to resize a scene. For example, my scene is 2048x1536 and I want to scale it down to 1024x768 with all contents inside scaled down, too?

Thanks for your help. Have a great day!


Collect your scene into a Master Peg / drag that collapsed Peg into your Global Library.
This Peg is now available to be used in any new project / scene you create.
Just drag it from the Library into your new project-scene and resize it to your needs…

To resize the aspect ratio / camera size of your whole scene.
Go to File / Animation Properties… / adjust Frame Rate and Camera Size…

Hi Scott,

It is working great. That’s what I needed.

Thanks for your help. Have a wonderful day!