Import Toon Boom 6 projects into Toon Boom Harmony


I just purchased Toon Boom Harmony, I already have puppets and scenes built into Toon Boom 6. But I can’t open the .tbt files in Harmony. How do I bring these things over so I don’t have to start my projects from scratch?

You are not going to want to hear this but…
Harmony, as a professional system works completely differently from Toon Boom Studio, which is more for home use.
The puppet construction in Harmony is far more sophisticated, so in the long run you would be best just diving in and learning the new techniques.

I don’t mind learning what new, I just want to build off of what I already have

I’ve never used studio, but perhaps you can access the .tvg files which would just be the drawings with no rigging or animation…
Not sure about that though…

You would need to render your puppet and then cut and rig it in Harmony.
It might be more efficient to just start fresh unless your character uses