when importing drawings and vectorizing them, is there any way to have multiple “vectorized line” colors? meaning that if I have imported different layers of drawings, the lines of each layer would not be all using the same vectorized color.

also, is there any convenient way of switching colors - again in order to have multiple imported layers not use the same color?
only way I’ve found for now, is to physically select all lines for each drawing, one by one, and change them by clicking on a different color.

lastly, but still related, is there any way, of 'transferring" an imported vectorized line into a textured one (so not the color but the line quality, either in pencil or brush)

many thx, I’m using animate pro 3

Unless you are doing color vectorization, it will come as black (or with texture brush) solid line by default. All vectorized color uses the same color ID (not just RBG value) that if you change this color value (RGB), it will be changing all the vectorized color so you should not change it. Instead, you should paint them separately after import and vectorization like you said. Luckily there is feature called apply to multiple drawings to paint all drawings on same layer at once. As for texture line, there is no easy way for brush line and all vectorized lines are in brush line. You can however, import and vectorize as grey (texture brush) scale from the original drawing drawn on paper.