import template Problem

hi guys,
i have serious problem when using the value of importing template .here is my steps

1-import my character template
2-animate run cycle
3-then i have drag the animation of my template to template library .
4-save the project
5-open new project
import the master template of the character (without run cycle animation)
6- drag run cycle template to timline indication with orange highlight as seen on page 347 .when release nothing happen only key frames without symbols

i have try paste special options all of them nothing

i have conver template to symbole and import the symbole just drag symbol as sequence no layers
so complicated and didn’t work at all
any tips how is this working .

thank you

Actually it would be nice to know exactly what is not working and about your master template and the action/pose template.

First, the structures of the master character and action/pose template have to be the same. Also when you are importing action/pose template, create a key frame from the time line after bringing in the master template so that it creates an entry for the information of the peg or element peg including the timing of the drawing so that you can add it after. Also you need to extend the timing enough. I am not sure the option you have used for paste special but you need to check the master and action/poses template first.

Dear juho ,
unfortunately i believe this function not working at all in animate because i have installed both animate ple and animate pro ple and followed the same steps on both .
and it works great in Animate pro But animate Nothing just Blank Key Frames.

i was going to purchase animate but i am going to purchase Pro you must clarify this point because it’s a most important function in cutout animation to reuse motion for you master template .

When you bring the action template to your master template, the structure has to be the same. In that sense, Animate Pro is much easier to check since there is a network. In network, you need check the structure of the character if it is the same. If all are in same structure, you need to add a key frame to create an entry to all sub peg/element by collapsing all first.

Yes the Structure is the same what makes the structure different when it takes from the same master peg and i try the same process for the two programs without check in network view in pro just drag the master peg and then drag my animation based on this master peg in pro replaced the the same peg with adding new key frames in animate nothing happen just add blank key frame.

again i followed all the steps that manual said i have checked the structure and the layers order make key frames . work great in pro but animate absolutely NO.

the function i want you 'll find in animate Pro tour - chapter cut out animation at 2:20
please any body able to work with this function in Animate please Reply