Import SWF Problem with TBS 3.5

Hello Toonboom guys and gals,

I’m trying to import a 18 frames swf movie in TBS 3.5, but it only shows me the first frame with that message :
"Les fonctions suivantes du fichier swf ne sont pas supportées : (SWF tag FileAttribute)"

Does anyone know what does this mean ?
My swf file does not seem to be protected and i can see the whole animation with a flash player.

I formatted my PC a few days ago and before i did i could import any swf file with no problem at all !! Could this be the reason i can’t import any swf now ?

Thanks a lot for your answers and technical support,

Have a nice day


Hi, I don’t know exactely what it means, but it sounds like the flash movie has been made in a too new format for your version of Studio.

Can you try to publish (in flash) for an older player?

Hi ZioRip,

Thank you for answering so quickly !
Indeed you’re right cause I exported this swf from CS4 Flash.
I also tried to import with TBS 5 trial version and the error message was the same.

But it’s so strange cause about 2 weeks ago it worked perfectly well with exactly the same file. I formatted and allowed the windows updates.

Anyway i’m gonna try to export it for an older player ; thank you for the idea !!