Import swf. files disabled in full mac version of Animate?

In my version of Toon Boom Animate 7.6.0 on the mac the option to import “swf, illustrator files to library” is grayed out. Is there some basic mistake I’m making that is preventing this from being active (do I need to be in some special mode or something?) I’m reading that this option is disabled in the PLE version of the software - is there a problem that could cause it to be deactivated in the full version? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Is the library locked ? right click and select ‘Right to modify’

Hi,Try to do the import directly from the Library rather then the top menu. If you have the software to focus on mouse enter chances are that the simple fact of bringing your mouse back to the top menu change the focus out of the template library which will gray out the option since the import can only be done in the library. To import in the Library first go to the Library tab then in the left section of the Library select the library folder you want to import things into and do a right click>Get Rights to Modify. Then on the right section of the Library you will have access to import your files through right click.Best regards,Ugo