Import quicktime problem with length

Hi all,

I’m having a problem with importing quicktimes in Harmony.

All image frames are put on 3’s. Making my scene 3 times as long and out of sync with the sound.

I imagine there’s some setting set that does this, but can’t find anything…

Previously working in Harmony 11 it worked fine, but not this time in Harmony 14.

Thanks in advance for your help,

Hi Pieter

If you are using Advanced or Premium, you can put the holds to 3’s from Xsheet Menu>Exposure>Hold Exposure>Hold 3 cells.

Hello jsong,

Thanks for your reply. But I’m not looking for a way to put everything on 3’s.
I try to have the images I import directly on 1’s.
(by the way, it’s actually put on 4’s, not 3’s)

Also it seems, when I draw, the new image created takes up 4 frames.
I can everytime put it back on 1 frame, but you can imagine that’s not a great solution.


Hi Pieter

If it comes 4s or new drawing is set to 4, then your current setting for hold exposure might be set to 4. if you want to set it as 1s, then set it to 1.
Just keep in mind that this setting let you create a default timing of the drawing including importing movie which also creates a drawing and thus follow the current set of hold exposure set.
By the way, there is a shortcut to change the hold value Control (Command) + 1, 2, 3 or 4 for each hold instantly.

Yes! That did the trick. Thanks jsong!