Import puppet problems

Hi, so I’ve been using Harmony essentials (trial version) & I keep trying to import a character rig I made in Photoshop, the line work comes in fine but the colors don’t.
The colors end up on different layers and act more like a line work layer than a color layer.

Is their any way to fix this? This character has a complex design that I’m not sure Harmony can replicate :confused:

(( this is the character btw → ))

I don’t know what sort of line you’re doing in Photoshop, but Essentials doesn’t deal well with bitmap, so maybe you will be vectorizing the lines into something that you could draw similarly inside Harmony. In any case, I think it would be best to, at least, import only the line and paint the colour fill in Harmony. Assuming the colour is plain fill, not some sophisticated texturing. But if you want to work with bitmap you should look into the Advanced or Premium editions of Harmony (only Premium has all the rigging tools available, but Advanced has the full bitmap drawing tools).