Import psd sequence

hi, i just got the toon boom studio,and i have been doing some practice with the tutorials, but i have a problem, i wanna import my own sequence animation that i drew by myself, i scanned it and saved it in psd format, now i want to import it all in toon boom as a sequence… but when i try to do that, the program just import one drawing of the sequence, how can i import my all drawings in each frame? i want to do this cause also i want to paint my sequence in toom boom, but i dont know if its possible because they re in psd format, is there any option to paint them? do i have to vectorize them, what`s the proccess?
it will be nice a little bit of help!! :slight_smile:

Here is a nice video tutorial that walks you through the process of importing hand drawn and scanned art into TBS. If you have additional questions or need more clarification just ask. -JK