import png or psd and it is all blurry


I am importing an image (psd and png format) into the scene of Animate pro 2 and the image is all blurry, i want to use this image as backdrop.

any tips would be helpful.

Thanks Lilly,

i changed in the view menu , the bitmap image quality to the max and it fixed the preview. not sure if it is the right way but i’m happy now.

the other thing is how to run a script, because i would like to import the straight ai files.
i’ve seen the import ai script help solution
(B-03099 Unable to import AI files with layers)
but i am not sure how to run it,

thanks again

Is it blurry only in OpenGL or in Render View as well?

When we import images into the software, we create a low-quality proxy to show in the OpenGL view to make the performance faster. When you hit the Render button, then it should use the full quality version of the image.

You can control how high this resolution should be in the Preferences > OpenGL tab > Maximum Texture Size.


Well you need to first turn on the Scripting Toolbar. Then the first button is called “Edit Scripts” - click on this.

Add a new script (or import the script if you saved it to your hard drive somewhere). If you’re adding a new script, then double-click on the script name on the left-hand side of the window to open up the blank space on the right, and then paste the script text in there.

Now to run the script, close this window. Then click on the Manage Scripts button, which is the second one in the Scripting toolbar. Click on your new script on the left hand side, then click on the right-facing triangle to move that script onto your toolbar.

Now you can simply click on the new button in your toolbar to run the script!