import png into timeline cell and move it

If I import a png file into a cell on the timeline I can’t select, move, or resize it. All the commands are disabled. I tried converting it to a vector but as I resize the image it gets cut off diagonally from corner to corner. Is this a bug? How can I resize my raster images?

I simply want to import an image on one layer, turn on the light table, create a 2nd layer and trace it. Right I can’t resize the image.

You want to use the import and vectorize functionality which is accessed from a context menu off of the timeline.

Follow these steps:
1. Right click on a frame in the timeline to open the context menu and select Import And Vectorize>From File

2. When the Import And Vectorize Dialog box opens choose the desired file and select With Texture as your vectorization type.

3. Make sure you are in Drawing View

4. If you select the imported image using the drawing select tool (short cut key 1) you will see a normal bounding box and you can position or scale the imported art as desired.

5. But, if you click on the Drawing Select tool on your tool palette and from the pull down menu of additional tools you select the Contour Edit tool and use it to select your art work in the Drawing View pane, you will see the editable vector contour points.

6. You can move and adjust points with this contour edit tool and if you want to add additional points you can Click while holding down the ALT key where you want to add the contour point.

7. To remove an unwanted contour point, just select the point using the contour select tool and press the DELETE key.

It is best to save your bitmapped art in a format with a transparent background, this will save you time in having to remove the background inside TBS.
Hope this helps -JK