Import Photoshop Smart Objects?

Does Toon Boom Studio 6 import psd smart objects and keep the smart object shell for non destructive scaling, etc?

TBS 6 imports .psd files.
To see if a file containing “smart objects” is support as per your question, please send a sample file to and we would be happy to test it for you.

I just emailed them a photshop smart object psd.

Smart Object pdf imports (do not know if it keeps the non-destructive scaling.

Smart Object sequence pdf imports only the first layer. So this can not be used to bring in a sequence of images.

We can still connect to see if grouping works in Photoshop.

As per our correspondence through the Toon Boom support Help Desk, smart object psd sequence files import into Toon Boom Studio with only the first layer.

If you want to import multiple layers, I believe you need to group each layer separately in Photoshop prior; this should be tested and technical questions on it can be sent to