Import not working

I started working on an animation a few days ago, I put the animatic .mov on my scene and started working on the lineart. Everything was working fine until today I opened the scene again and my .mov file was blank, a white square all over my scene, I tried importing it again and the same happened. Then I tried importing it frame by frame, had the same result, and finally I tried importing a random .png and the same happened, just a white square on the scene.
The weird thing is that I can still see frames of the .mov on my library, and i can even move the little bar to see them all, since they are still on the elements folder.
I have tried updating quicktime, but I already had it updated.
My Toon Boom is the premium one 14.0
Thanks in advance c:

It could be a graphics or video card problem?

try to reinstall quickTime …