Import multiple text


I’ve have been studying the trial version of Storyboard Pro. and am very much impressed with the robust features it contains

An area of concern however is importing images, and text files.

I currently have storyboards… comprised of several hundred images with corresponding .txt files created in word/Excel

Is there a feature that imports multiple images along with the .txt file to fit in their corresponding dialogue box?

Also, my original storyboard images are stored in my system folder.
These images were imported into Toon Boom.
I had modified many of the original images in the system folder (while keeping the same naming convention), yet this was not reflected within the program upon re opening.

Is there a way to refresh the entire contents of images?



Hello Jeff,

There is no feature to match imported images with text automatically.
You will need to copy/paste the text into the appropriate dialogue box.
The new version of Storyboard Pro V1.5 will allow your to import scripts
done in Final Draft Pro.

For imported images, please be aware that importing images will create a local instance of the image and that once imported, there is no connection with the original image anymore. This means that if you change the original image, you will need to re-import it in order to see the change.


Re-import in the same order?

ouch!.. Most likely panels/ shots will be added and rearranged while working in Toon Boom. This would no doubt make it impossible to re-import.

A pity… This is a cool program, yet my work is continually being updating. Clients provide non stop changes to both images and dialogue/ text notes.

perhaps an idea for a future feature request would be a better integration with outside programs.

Adobe In Design is a good example, whereby text & images can be modified and updated within multiple programs and saved back to a common folder… ie: Photoshop, Excel, Word, etc.

Thanks for the feedback.


I have the Current version of storyboard Pro and I am trying to import Final draft (.fdr) script into storyboard pro.

I’ve noticed that certain characters (namely the apostrophee ') causes the program to misread it and insert another character.

Is there a way to import it without having to go thru the script and change all of the misread characters by hand?

BTW I’m a storyboard artist at Disney and I just started using your product and I’ve been doing digital boards for a few years now with various programs and I have to say that I am really enjoying Storyboard Pro so far.


Would it be possible for you to check in the xml or the tagger of your script and confirm that those characters are correctly generated in there.

The issue you are experiencing seem to be related to something export issue that were reported to Final Drafts. This being said this should have been addressed so make sure you go get the latest patch for your version of Final Drafts. If you are still experiencing difficulties after could you tell us which exact version of Final Draft was used and get in contact with support so we can further investigate.

Best regards,