Import multiple PDFs


Is there a script for importing multiple PDFs in the Library in separate layers for avoiding the user interface? I read somewhere was a utility called “Pdfimport”, but I didn’t find any sourcecode…Or do you have another suggestion?


Hi Lisun,

The PDFImport command is not part of the Scripting features, it is part of what is called the Utilities which can be run from a terminal, command prompt or Vectorization parameter panel.

You can find more details about PDFImport and utilities here:

Is there a specific reason you are trying to avoid the user interface?



Unfortunately there is no script, so far, that can do what you are asking for.


Thank you for your reply Marie-Eve!

Yes, there is a reason. I am creating a small script converting my SVGs to PDFs and I want directly to import the big amount of the PDFs as a template in the Stage Library, as those together are building the animation sequence I would like to have. Every PDF is a frame. This way it would speed up my process a lot and would offer a better usability for others. Do you think this is possible? Can I call the PDFImport Utility externally?