Import Movie troubles


I am using the Animate Pro trial on an iMac with Mac OS 10.6.8.
i wanted to import a QuickTime movie but it took extremely long and completely locked up the application so I had to force quit it after a few minutes. I just want to have the movie in a background layer so I can use it as a template for my drawing so it won’t be in the final output and I don’t need high quality. Is there some quick and dirty way to get a movie into animate?

Thanks and regards,
Sebastian Mecklenburg

You may want to downscale your movie outside Animate Pro, before importing?

Well it depends on how long and how big the original movie is. Animate will convert that movie into a series of images, so if it’s too long, or if the images are too big, then the program may run out of memory.

Try scaling down the source video, or breaking it up into pieces.