Import Images

When importing images into harmony, you have the option of keeping the original bitmap, converting to toon boom bitmap or converting to toon boom vector.
The images I am using have been separated into lineart and colourart, so I am able to convert the lineart into a toon boom vector layer. The colourart I am converting into a toon boom bitmap.


Is there any way I can get Harmony to create a vector line (invisible or visible) on a vector layer, around my bitmap colourart on it’s bitmap layer. The colourart on the bitmap is a completely solid matte colour. Maybe there is some kind of workaround?
If this is not possible it would be so incredibly useful that I would be totally surprised if it had not been implemented already.

Even better would be a way to automatically batch convert the matte bitmap art into colour art, i.e. an invisible vector border filled with colour as if you had filled it with a paint bucket tool.

Please consider this as a feature request if there is no way to do it.