Import Images as Scenes and Camera Views

Hey all,

At work my storyboard pro 4 allows me to drop images as scenes and the camera will keep the right view. I can even take those new scenes and drop them into other scenes and the camera will stay in place.

At home, on what I believe is the same version (I’ll update on Sunday when I check the work version), when I do this the camera in the imported images as scene panels will actually change to be the same as camera the scene I’m placing it in, zooming in dramatically, meaning more manual replacement. Does that make sense?

How do I keep the camera fixed in place regardless of where I put it?

Have you tried the “Reset View” icon at the bottom of the Stage View window?
Remember that you can also go into the Camera menu and “Reset Camera of Selected Panels”.

Are you grabbing your panels from a zoomed-in original panel or a template?