import image sequences or video into Storyboard Pro 4.1


I’m new to Storyboard Pro and I want to import a video file (mov, mp4,…) into a scene or at least an image sequence and can’t figure out how to do it?

the long version:
I’m working on a real stop motion movie. The client was happy with some test scenes which I have already photographed. Now he wants the storyboard for the movie and I wanted to use Storyboard Pro to draw/animate all the scence I haven’t created yet, but include the scence which are already photographed.


I’m going to toss out a suggestion, but I haven’t tried this myself and I don’t know if it will work.

Try converting your movie file into an animated jpeg sequence (or image sequence saved as jpegs). It will create a TON of frames, but there might be a way to edit it in photoshop or a video editor like final cut pro first.

Movies can’t be imported into Storyboard but you can use Quicktime Player to load the movie and export it as an image sequence. Just grab the most descriptive bitmap image of the sequence into the storyboard panel describing the action for that sequence.