Import image as shots???

I have tried importing a multilayered .PSD file and cannot find the “Import Images as Shots” menu in my software - in the help docs it states “Select Storyboard > Import Images As Shots.” In my software I have “Import Images as Scenes…” and no mention of shots - everytime I import the psd i get multiple LAYERS in one shot - how can i get each layer to come in as a separate shot? do i need to save them all out as individual files and import them as multi selected files?

Hi,Which exact version of the software are you using. You can get that information from the Help>About or Toon Boom Storyboard>About Toon Boom Storyboard.Give us us the full version number (with the number in parenthesis).Best regards,Ugo

my version of SB pro 1.5 is: Version 8.6.1 (4709) service pack 1 (2009-04-21 15:59:38)

Hi,Import image as shot is actually Import image as scenes. Not sure if you tried that one.Regards,Ugo

I have tried the" import as scene" and it was successful when importing individual files as a group ( i was trying to do it from a multi layered PSD file bu i gues that’s not an option - it has to be multiple files in a folder )The documentation says “shot” so it would be good to change that for next release to match the actual menu choice since scene and shot are not necessarily the same thing - many times a scene can have multiple shots in film vernacular and I just wasn’t sure if it was different use of terminology or I wasn’t finding the right menu, since the words in the help doc didn’t match my menu options.

Hi,The documentation will be updated in the upcoming version of the software. Some of the menu might have changed name in the SP1 release and the documentation may not have been fully updated for the patch. If you have the specific page in documentation that relate to that function let us know so we can transfer the information to the documentation team.Best regards,Ugo