Import illustrator files + Silver support

Hello, i have troubles to import illustrator files. My version of Harmony Premium is 11461 perpetual license on a Mac Pro late 2013 with MacOs Sierra 10.12.6. In this link you can see a video capture. Any idea why my import button of illustrator is no activate? Thanks in advance

In another hand i was the gold support until July 31/2017 but i don,t received any email to update or to advise to me about the final. How i can renovate it?

Thanks in advance too.

What version of Illustrator are you working with?

Did you try saving the Illustrator file in an older version format compatible with Illustrator 10 as rkriz suggested?

A similar problem was up on the forum a few months ago. I am not sure how it ended. Have you searched in the forum?

/ Mattias

Yes Mattias but no found nothing. I go to take a look now again with more attention.


Try importing the Illustrator file from the Library window.
Make sure the file itself and the folder path you are importing
the file from contains no spaces, accented letters or special
symbols. Only a-z, 0-9, “-” and “_” should be used for naming.

Beyond that, try saving your Illustrator file in Legacy mode
to be compatible with Illustrator 10 before importing.

You should renew it as soon as possible. You risk losing out on eligibility for a free upgrade to the next version.

“You have up to 90 days to renew your support contract after it has lapsed. Once renewed, the support period will be backdated. Please be aware that you cannot renew support if a new release of software has been announced after your support contract has lapsed unless you first upgrade to the new version.”


I don’t think Toon Boom automatically contacts everyone when their support plan is expiring. I waited til the last minute to see but allowed time to make sure there was no lapse. I ended up initiating the renewal process.

I used this form to contact the sales department. I described how my support plan was approaching the expiration date and that I wanted to renew it.

You can call them or have them call you. I was unavailable to speak over the phone and requested that the transaction be handled through email. A salesperson set everything up and I was able to complete the transaction entirely through email.

My version of illustrator is CC 2017 (21.0). But its no problem of illustrator the problems is inside of Harmony premium. In this two links you can see: This is in the Archive menu
And this is in the library menu


Thanks for your post. I will go to write to the sales department.
After one year of gold support i downgrade to silver support. I don,t received any real advantage to have the gold support.

Thanks for you post.

I go to try it and said to you whats happen …


No, the same problem, i don,t can access to import any file illustrator, in the library how you see on my video “import files” is no possiblle to click in it it,s no accesible how in → Archive menu —> import —> import swf,illustrator files …

I install and uninstall Harmony premium several times and no work. I have to computers and in the two computers have the same problem.

Any idea more?

There are features in the newer versions of Illustrator that are not supported in Harmony 14. If you do not save the file so it can be opened by an older version of Illustrator (10) it cannot be read by Harmony. Harmony can read Illustrator 10 files so make a copy of your Illustrator file in a format compatible with Illustrator 10.

Please try it before concluding it is not the problem.

  1. Choose File > Save A Copy.
  2. Type a filename, and choose a location for the file.
  3. Choose Illustrator (*.AI) as the file format, and click Save.
  4. A new window will open titled “Illustrator Options” where you can choose “Illustrator 10”

This will save a copy of this Illustrator file in an older format that does not carry any of the features added to Illustrator after version 10.

Only after you have tried this will you know whether it solved your problem or you have to look for a different source of the problem.

o0Ampy0o, i make all the things you send to me about the illustrator files how to save, but the problem is not how i save the AI files, the problem i have is from harmony premium i don,t can select in the menu (inside of harmony) Archive → Import–>swf,illustrator files … is not active for select, the same problem is in the library menu, and for this reason i dont can get the AI files, how you can see in my lasts links images.

Thanks for your patience with my bad english

This comment has been deleted.

o0Ampy0o, i make the things you said to me and in another formats too, i have with this problem two days and no find the solution i try many things how i said to you before. I contact with harmony this afternoon and i hope they find one solution. Something is wrong inside of my harmony premium.

Thanks for your posts.


I think I figured out your problem.

When I first focused on your Illustrator Import problem I Google searched for relevant information. Somewhere along the line I confused an image I saw in another post with yours. So my posts on the topic of Illustrator have been wrong as I thought your image showed a different problem. (NOTE: I deleted one of my posts because it was completely irrelevant).

That said, my Harmony does exactly what yours is doing. I also have the faded out options under Import when I look under File => Import. This behavior is normal. There is nothing wrong with Harmony or your copy of the software.

Here is what is wrong:

Harmony by default highlights the Symbols folder in the Library window. You cannot import illustrator or SWF files into that folder so the option under File => Import is grayed out.

Once you highlight a non-Symbols folder the option to import Illustrator and SWF files becomes active under File => Import.

I see in one of your two screen capture images that you have a sub-folder inside the Symbols folder highlighted when you point to the grayed out “Import Files” It cannot be a Symbols folder whether the main or a sub-folder inside the main. It must be a non-Symbols folder.

Please explore this idea.

o0Ampy0o, now yes!!! i can import my illustrator files. Really it,s no intuitive for me import ai files, ufff.
Thanks so much for all your post and for dedicate your time in help me. Now i,m happy and go to work hard inside of harmony.
I will go to the technical support for say i find the solution.