Import illustrator file doesnt works

Hey there I have a little problem Im working in an animation here in toonboom harmony 11, I want to import an illustrator file with layers and had tried everything by now.

I tried with lily script and nothing, when I import something it doesnt show the complete image, just some of the elements

The script:

Here my file

Someone can help me? Im in a little rush right now :frowning:

The script you are using is based on the old api that was used in animate pro2 / harmony 9.2…
The scripting was updated for harmony 10.x and therefore 11.x

I have become interested in importing illustrator files into harmony, but have not had success so far even as a flattened .ai file without any script.

What version of Illustrator should I be using, or what file version should I be saving from Illustrator to import into Harmony 9.x or 10.x?

This has been discussed several times before. Read and try this:

Tried importing your .ai file but only got eyes and legs
(also tried converting to cs2 as suggested)

Straight import no scripts…

Comes into 9.2 and 10.3 as a single layer, just eyes and legs
Comes into 11.1 as multiple layers, some are blank, just eyes and legs visible

I’m wondering what computer you are using? It’s not working for me either on PC, but works fine on my Mac. Could it be a PC specific problem?

I’m on windows 7 x64 sp1

There choices to be made in the “Import Images” window such as “Create Layers Based on Filenames” and subsequently in the Multilayer Image Import Settings" window that appears after making that choice. “Create Separate Layers” needs to be selected.

Beyond that, make sure that you have a separate group for each layer you want to be a separate element and also make sure to save the file in compatibility mode with Illustrator 10 for the best results.

As other posters already mentioned, this was possible using a script in previous versions but in V11 the functionality is built right into the base program - not needing a script.