Import Illustrator character already separated

Was wondering if there is any experience out there or advantage when importing a character created in Illustrator one part at a time and then reassembling in TBA Pro?

For example, import the hand, then import the arm, and so on and then reassemble, patch, connect, make pivots, etc.

There is no advantage to doing it this way. What you should do is setup your character into layers in Illustrator with head layer, torso layer, arm layer etc…
Save your illustrator file as CS2 or earlier!!! and make sure you have pdf export option turned on.

One more thing: Search this forum for Illustrator… there is a script you need to install so that AP2 will import layers correctly from a cs2 file.

It’s not really necessary to import each part individually. It will also mean that you will get a new separate palette for each part which would be a hassle. It’s easy enough to grab each part and cut and paste to it’s own layer. I do my original artwork in Xara then export as PDF and import into TB. It works well. I make the character with all the parts ready to be moved to their own drawing layer.

Greg, I never heard of the script you mention. Hopefully someone will find it and put a link here for easy access.

The script I’m talking about is pasted into the following thread toward the bottom… It’s a must have for anyone doing illustrator/AnimatePro work;action=display;threadid=1701

Excellent. Thanks to all for your answers. Just what I needed to know.

Downloaded the script. Works like a charm.

Thanks for the link, Greg!

Can someone explain how to use the script?

I found the solution.
Happy New Toon Boom Year!