Import from Animate PRO PLE


While waiting for my box of Animate I started working on my animation on Animate PRO.

Finally I got my Animate box, installed it and open my Animate PRO files, just to find out that they look empty, all the layers are there, the library is there, but empty.

Any ideas?


from what i know the animate non-pro files are not fully compatible with the animate pro software.
but you can wait for a toonboom representative’s feedback, i don’t own a ‘pro’ version.

Thanks for getting back to me.

Yeah, its weird that they are not compatible, I understand if I was transitioning from Storyboard or other but from Animate to Animate Pro?.. isn’t it the Animate FAMILY?

Thanks again, and hopefully somebody from support sees this post.


It’s probably because it’s the PLE version - I don’t think you can do that. I have Animate Pro - and as far as I’m aware the pro & non pro versions are totally compatible…

i can’t imagine the pro additional effects show in the non-pro version. are you sure all other stuff imports okay in both directions? that would be good news, i’ve had an opportunity to work for a company with animate pro seats…

Well its weird but I tried different ways of doing it and its not working. I see all the layers in the timeline, in the library, everywhere! but they are empty, nothing shows on the camera view.

Anybody from support please?

The reason that you’re not seeing anything is because you can’t open a file that was created with the PLE in the regular version.

Also in reference to going from Pro down to Animate, if you use nodes and effects in Pro that don’t exist in the regular, they will not show up and will not render in regular. Usually people upgrade to Pro, not the other way around. :slight_smile:

Just FYI, I am from Toon Boom Tech Support - we do try to surf the forums and answer as many questions as possible. But one thing to remember - we focus mainly on the “Technical Support” sections of the forums, so you might want to post this kind of a question there instead of in General Discussion. Also, if you want a more prompt answer, email tech support directly.

Thanks for the reply.

I understand that the PLE files won’t work because of security reasons. Would it be possible to send you my character breakdowns and do some magic on your end to make them open on Animate?

Also, thanks for the tips on where to post, I’ll keep them in mind for future posts.


Unfortunately theres no magic that we can do. Even if you create a template in PLE, you cant open it in the regular. I am very sorry for the inconvenience on your end.

I’ll take it as my learning curve!