import file naming

Hi. i work in film and commercials and I’m trying out the trial version 8.6.1 (4709). I am having problems importing jpegs in the correct sequence and need some help in what naming structure I should use. Its when I need to draw multiple frames to convey something like a tracking shot for example that I’m having problems. I have tried adding underscores, letters, spaces and numbers but everytime I import the files, these frames are all bunched up at the end leaving me to manually move them back into their right place and rename them within TBS.examples of my jpeg names:fr001fr002afr002bfr003ORSc23 Shot 01Sc23 Shot 02_01Sc23 Shot 02_02Sc23 Shot 03Also if I join panels together, can they then not be moved together? far all I seem to be able to do is move one, then go back and move the other.thanks