import/export toon boom harmony 10 and toon boom animate pto

I have issue, i don’t import psd file with layers in harmony 10 but i can in studio ? Why ? In harmony the layers doesn’t work.Besides, i don’t export my project with layers as psd file with layers, help me please.

So, i found. I notice that don’t read the file with layers because it don’t understand a long way.But to export in psd file with layers ?

You can import photoshop layers you just have to do it in a bit of a roundabout way. If you save each individual layer in it’s own group, when you import it to Harmony (or Animate for that matter) it will maintain the layers. If you don’t put the layers in groups it will import the layers but it will make them all individual drawings on one Harmony layer. Hope that helps!

Yes thank you to import it’s good but to export as psd file from harmony ?

Did this answer your question Tony? Just make sure that each layer that you want to be a separate layer in Harmony is in its own Group in Photoshop.


To export PSD files from Harmony, then you can adjust the settings of the Write module, and select PSD there. Then choose Export > Render Network.