Import Export Camera and nulls between Harmony <> After Effects ? (H16 Premium)

Wondering if these below are possible:

Export Harmony camera to After effects (and import it to AE)?

Export After Effects Camera (and nulls) to Harmony 16 Premium (and import it in Harmony)?

There is one “TB_ExportCamera.js” in Harmony that outputs a .jsonx file but how do I use it in AE?

There is a “importTBCamera.jsx” that you can find here: < C:\Program Files (x86)\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom Harmony 16.0 Premium\resources\scripts\After Effects > that will import the data created by “TB_ExportCamera.js” in Harmony.

I have not come across a tool to do the reverse ( After Effects Camera → Harmony ).

Nice!, thanks, didn’t know about that one. Will give it a try.
Now we need a After Effects camera (nulls / layers as a bonus) export to Harmony.

Who wrote the Harmony to AE camera exporter? maybe he/she can write AE > Harmony too?

have you succeeded in using this script?
I’m trying, but I’m not getting sucess…

I am also having trouble on making this work. I imported the camera but it doesn’ match the scene.