Import difficulties

HI. First post ever here.

I’m having lots of trouble when it comes to importing certain files into Toon Boom Studio 8, which I recently upgraded to after long unused. Importing images and actually drawing are fine, I know how those work. My trouble is when I want to import a video file that is said to be compatible with Toon Boom Studio 8.

I have tried for the past 2 days looking for similar problems of similar nature, tutorials, and the like, but to no avail. Any file I import video wise either has an error, crashes the program, or shows as either a black or white solid image for the duration of the length of the movie.

The movie in question was created in Windows Live Movie Maker and then converted, from the source file, to the many supported formats that the documents say are compatible. I even tried a short clip to see which file format would work best, but no luck.

If it matters, the conversion program I have is “Freemate Video Converter”.

My Quicktime player is apparently the version 7.

My PC was self-built with 16GB RAM, Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. Nvidia GTX 460 (if I recall).

Basically, I’m trying to improve a music video I made by putting more images on top of it in ways WMM won’t do. Thanks for any help and solutions you guys and girls may have and if there’s any info I missed that could help to narrow the problems down, I’ll try my best to fond out that info.

I may have built this PC, but I’m not that tech savvy in ways.

It looks like the format or the codec it was created from Live Movie Maker. The supported movie format is .avi, mpeg, mov and m4v (similar to mp4). Check the movie format when you export (mpeg-4 format such as .mov, m4v) should work in Toon Boom Studio.

I have many format conversions that are said to be compatible, but all result in a black screen in the camera view of Toon Boom studio 8. The original file is a .WMV, but that was used to convert into other formats via the “Freemake Video Converter” program.

If codec is the issue for the picture, the only codec pack I have, if it matters, is the CCCP pack (I use MKV’s for personal reasons). Is that a conflict?

Desperate, I tried converting the raw file through Handbrake into both .mov (which didn’t work), and m4v, which when imported, still was a black screen in the Camera View, despite having the sound in tact. I even tried different levels of opacity to no avail.

Now I’m starting to wonder if it’s the fact that because it’s Windows “Live” Movie Maker and not another version. Maybe the initial codec within that software just doesn’t like Toon Boom at all.

Again, when making the vid, the video files used to create it were from Youtube, not a camcorder or anything else. Those files said they were mp4, made sure they weren’t .FLA or .SWF (Also, tried a converted SWF file, crashed Toon Boom every time).

MP4 is not an import format for TBS 8. Also, make sure that the codec you are using allows for frame-by-frame breakdown; some codecs are for streaming only and do not support this.

On the other hand, you may have an underpowered graphic card that doesn’t support OpenGL very well. Are you able to see imported bitmap images and textures in TBS? Do the strokes turn black? Try disabling the Aero Desktop theme which might help in this situation.

Sorry to hear you are having trouble. I don’t know the tools you are using, but wonder if it may help to narrow down where the problem lies.

Idea 1: Have you cycled power to the machine? Close all files and Shut Down, then Restart. (Shut Down will close everything, where Restart is a warm boot.)

Idea 2: Do you have a video file of another make, that you can try to import? Maybe a commercially prepared file?

Idea 3: It’s possible your TBS project has become corrupted. What do you think of bringing the animation elements into a new project file?

Please post your solution! Thanks

The trick is to install the new real player which is now Real Time. This is a free software which will allow you to download any movie clips on internet,save it to mp4 format and then you can convert it to a m4v format with the same Real Time Software. It will convert it to a compatible format Toon Boom Studio 8 for import.
It works, I did it! :slight_smile:
Note: If Real Time notifies that there is no need for conversion try first converting it to wmv format and then to m4v. Worked also for me. :slight_smile: