Import Brush settings

I will like to know how do i import / set specific brushes setting? thanks

What kind of brush setting you are looking for to import?

Is it texture pen? Then you can import it texture in color view and you can change the brush option in tool properties.

Hi Juno,

Thanks for your reply. It does not works according to the method you suggested.

It is a different line art style. basically i would like to create a bumpy line art style & load it into TBA & able to use it when u draw using tat line art style like how we do it in Photoshop & illustrator.


Do you have a visual sample of what you are trying to explain so we can have a better idea?



I’ll take a state at this one. As far as brush styles like those in photoshop, you won’t be able to make brushes that behave/respond and look as they do in photoshop since Photoshop brushes are bitmap based. In Animate Pro, the texture brushes can create the same kind of look and feel. To create custom texture brushes, in photoshop (or any other bitmap base graphics program) create a new document that is about 100 pixels by 100 pixels. Then fill the image with any kind of texture you want. Just keep in mind that the brush will only use the greyscale info of the texture where anything white will be transparent and blacks will be visible so it’s best to fill with higher contrast greyscale textures that can be tiled. save the texture in a TGA or PSD image file as those are the only image types that the brushes in Animate Pro will accept for creating texture brushes.

In the brush tool properties view of Animate Pro, create a new brush, and select the new brush. Scoll to the bottom of settings view for that brush and check the “enable texture” option then clickon the box below the “texture” label on the right hand side of the texture properties. A file browser will open, navigate to where you saved the TGA or PSD file/s and select the desired texture file and click “OK.” The box should now display a thumbnail of the texture. Since Animate Pro’s drawing tools are vector based, what the program does is instead of filling the brush strokes with a solid colour, it will now fill the brushstrokes with the texture using the current color selection from your palette instead of a solid filled brush stroke or B/W texture. The texture brushes will not auto-flatten so remember to select batches of your strokes and flatten them as you work.

One of the easiest and versatile texture pens to create is to create a new brush, “enable texture”, then click on the empty texture thumbnail box but instead choosing an image file, click on cancel once the file browser opens, then choose to create a texture brush anyways when the warning pops up. You’ll now have texture brush that looks, feels and acts like a soft edge pencil like the pencil in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro.

the help system has a section on texture brushes with images and clearer instructions to create texture brushes.