Import Audio "failed to convert sound file"

When I import audio i get no wave forms just a solid black line in the frame view and no sound plays. I have sound and sound scrubbing enabled. When i render i get an error that i attached a screen shot of. I have tried one audio file in mp3, wav, and aif. I also tried other audio files.

error message.PNG

I am currently encountering the same issue. I am on windows 10 and do not have Quicktime installed. Are there any known solutions to this problem?

same problem, windows 10, yada yada.

I made another post and received a response: You’ll need to install Quicktime if you want to process audio currently.
Also it helps to avoid spaces and special symbols in the name of the
audio file and folder structure you are importing it from.

On Windows 10 the lastest Quicktime is not working so well 7.7.8
and 7.7.9. You will need to install an older version to have it working

Will be trying this out later today, hope it works out!

Hi Koda,

What is your OS and do you have QuickTime installed on your machine?