Import asset at specific frame in the timeline

Hi all! As someone coming from After Effects to Toon Boom Studio I have a request although I may in a very small minority for this workflow.

When bringing in assets to use, specifically when I import my audio tracks, they are always placed starting at frame 1. Since I always build my scenes with heads and tails, it would be nice to place the scrubber at say, frame 24 and then “Import Sound” and have the track start there.

This is the functionality as in After Effects (with the prefs set that way).

Currently I import in all my tracks for all the characters, and then have to select all the waveforms together to move them as a group down to frame 24 for starting.

Maybe someone else has a better workflow? I can’t simply add 1 second of silence to the audio tracks since we start each job editing all the characters together in one complete audio session (in Audition) and then I bounce regions/markers to stems.



Hello Chris,

We appreciate the suggestions! It is important to note that we no longer update Toon Boom Studio and a lot of what studio was has transformed into Toon Boom Harmony, which you may be interested in looking into.

To learn more about Harmony, see here:

Sorry, my mistake. I am working in Harmony. I was searching the forums prior to posting and I had read “studio” and it got stuck in my head. Thanks.