Import and Vectorize

I thought I would be able to import and vectorize within Storyboard just like I can with Toom Boom Studio. Can I not do this?

When you import an image into Storyboard, it automatically vectorises it. You should be able to use all the same tools on this image as you can on vector drawings that you draw directly in Storyboard. To import an image, go to Storyboard > Import Images as Scenes.


Thank you for the reply. The images are simply hand drawings by someone else, saved as .png and then imported. I have tried both image import and layers. They come in but I cannot select the lines individually and manipulate. I know I must be doing something wrong. Thank you for any guidance.

You can’t vectorise images in Storyboard. The only type of import that it can do is a full-image import, as you have seen. You cannot select the lines and manipulate them once they’re in Storyboard. You could vectorise them in another Toon Boom program before bringing them in, and import them as tvgs. Or you could import illustrator or swf files to the library by right-clicking on a library folder and selecting import. That might be a good solution for you.

I will try that, thank you

I have a question related to this topic. I’ve imported some artwork using “Import Images as Scenes,” but they come in much larger than the camera view (even if the source file has the same dimensions as the project.) Is there a way to get it to match the frame correctly or resize the artwork?

If you’re working with an HD project, make sure you have HD-Vertical selected.