Import an image and draw over it?

Hello. I’m completely new to toon boom here and was about something in the software. Is it possible to import an image so I can draw over it and then delete the image from what I imported? But I want to keep the drawing I made with the image I imported,and then delete the image that I imported. Is that possible?

Sure, you just let the imported image in other layer, you’d have to press the “Show Light Table” Button on the drawing window in the new drawing (a lightbulb icon on the Drawing View toolbar).

There’s another way, painting directly in the Camera View and check the “Select Tool Works in Single Drawing” option in Camera Tab of the Preferences to avoid selecting another drawing accidentally while working on one layer.

There might be yet another way (I’m not sure if this one works with imported images, but I don’t see why not).

  • Add both drawings (imported and new) to the Drawing Desk (Alt + Click in the X-Sheet)
  • Press the “Show Onion Skin” Button
  • Select the new drawing from the Drawing Desk.

Makes sense. But by any chance, Is it possible keyframe the images I import?