Import AI from coreldraw13


I’m using TBS and CORELDRAW for a few years now and never had a problem exporting AI form COREL and importing it to TBS.
but now i’m using the two’s latest versions (TBS 3.5 & CORELDRAW13) and for some reason i get a massege “unsupported featurs- set line joint type, set line cap style”.
after import the file I created in CORELDRAW I imported it to adobe illustrator and back again to TBS and then it worked o.k, but I realy realy want to go back to the old and fater way I used to work… CORELDRAW to TBS.

please help,



Hi Ronen,

I am not quite familiar with CorelDraw but normally you should be able to save as legacy version (save as an older version). Using these features you should be able to have your drawing with the same settings as the older version. Although, be aware that you might lose some of the special effect you might have added to your drawing.

This issue is most likely related to the fact that the latest version of CorelDraw is saving a format of Illustrator CS2 which has some special effects that are not supported in Toon Boom Studio. One other thing you could try is exporting as pdf instead of ai from CorelDraw. Then try to import those pdf files inside Toon Boom Studio (same as ai).

Hopefully this helps you to solve this case.

Best regards,


Thank’s the pdf thing worked great…(but the weird thing is that savig as older versions did’nt work…well…as long as it works :D…)