import Ai files issue for Toon Boom Animate

I have some issues, that perhaps someone can give me some tips?

I’m have a bunch of Ai files that I cannot import into TBA. I have checked Right to Modify and then import the ai files. After I have clicked on which Ai files to import, nothing showed up. I also tried import from SWF, illustrator files to library which loaded quickly, but nothing again.

Do you have any suggestions? I’m working on a series of cartoon and I think getting into TBA will be best for the pipeline. However, my limited knowledge on TBA as well as a lacking in TBA tutorials really make the whole process more challenging.

If anyone know any great tutorials please let me know. I’m eager to learn =]

Thank you for your time!

Eric ← my tutorials

there is the kickstart tutorials with animate

and if you serach youtube adam Phillips (or find the thread here on it) he has some too.

After you check out the tutorial let me know if you’re still having an issue. To import elements to the library, as you say, you should right-click and select Right to Modify on the library you want to import to. Then you can go File > Import, or you could simply right-click in the right hand side of the library where you want to import and click Import Files… then select the file.

When you say that nothing shows up, is it that nothing shows up on the right hand side of the library, or that nothing shows up when you drag it from the library into your scene?

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hey eric-

I’ve had some issues with this as well. I think it’s something to do with using nested layers in AI. Usually with the files that don’t import if I go back into AI and just grab everything and save it to one layer it will import no problem into Animate.

I’m currently working with a pipeline of Illustrator to Animate and for the most part everything imports with no problems. I do a lot of nesting layers into layers into layers in AI and I think that’s what screws up the import process. I’ve never had any problems with simpler layer structures importing.

I do wish there was a better way to import Layer data from AI into Animate. Like having ai layers = to groups, frames or well uh layers in Animate. You can also experiment with exporting your Illustrator files as SWF and import that into Animate which will give you some layer data but that has it’s own problems as well. For the most part I just have to select things and copy/paste to layers.

hope this helps

If you would like to see this as a feature, then could you please email an example of an ai file with nested layers in it to and I will investigate this issue further with R&D.

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coolsville lilly I just shot ya an email with an .ai file you can play with

Thank you very much I’m playing with it now!

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