Implement a counter!


Something that would be great to have in TB is a counter in the corner i can turn on and off if needed!!!

What you think??? ;D

Now when its poping up a lot of short 10s challenges on internet i have noted not only for myself but for a lot of others it would be practical quite good to have that implemented. Its quite boring to do it manully :wink:
This could actually help a lot people which frame they should change when they get some critiques.

If you find it interesting dont lock it, make it movable so the person can deside themself were they want to have it. … You could also even let them deside themself which font they can choose.


What!!! nobody like my counter idea?

… and i was hoping there were at least a fragment of one person who actually liked it ;D

Feel free to say something!

A lot of hopes!

It is a great idea as would be a perspective grid tool. In the meantime check out this article on implementing both now without having to wait for a future release. -JK

Perspectives and Counters

Hi JK!

Nice article and thx for the tip!

Your are absolutly right about the global library and i have to be honest with you that i have forgot about it completely. It great idea, but like you said i have to make it myself and it will take sometime. From my own view i think i need little bit more than 300. Hmmm… i would likely need from 10seconds to 5min, but i can always do more than one templates!! divide it in different groups 30s, 1min, 2min etc…

I have to mention that your idea about the perspective are really good… i have to say! The grid that the tb program are offering doesnt give me anything, not that i want to speak badly about tb, but this has striked me now that im all the time drawing in 3D perspective like you are providing in your article, which probably are the reason why im not using the grid. But your version of perspective i like worm eye, horizon and normal eye view etc.

Im need to know if the color depends? you have showed two kind if perspective red and blue? which is best to us!


Color is a matter of personal preference. Make your templates and try different colors on them when you actually put them in a project and make up your own mind what suits you the best. -JK