Immediate Crash when using Lasso Tool

Hi there!

I recently downloaded Harmony 15 and there is a really strong issue regarding crashing. When I use the lasso tool to select strokes, it causes Harmony to close/crash immediately and this makes my workflow pretty much inaccessible. Upon opening a project, I can use the lasso tool a few times before one use of it will crash the program and it seems like it’s more common the bigger the project is (more layers). There are no other issues like lag that would suggest the program doesn’t have enough storage.

I’m using a Samsung Notebook to run Harmony, are there any settings in regards to RAM or storage that would help or is this a bigger issue?

Has this problem been acknowledged or fixed? I’ve been having the same problem recently, and it shouldn’t have to do with RAM or Storage because my laptop is shouldn’t be lacking in either of those departments…

might be related to what i am experiencing: