Img sequence back into TBS

Here is what I am trying to do : I export my animation from TBS as a PSD image sequence. I apply a filter in Photoshop then I would like to re-import the modified images back into TBS.

Problem : all images are automatically set on the first frame on the timeline. As it is now I would have to re-position manually each image at the appropriate frame on the timeline.

Question: Is it possible to import an image sequence in TBS and have each frame automatically positioned where it belongs on the timeline (img 001 on 1st frame, Img 002 on 2nd frame, etc…) ?

Many thanks in advance


If you first create an image element dans right click in the first cell and do import image>From file then select you image sequence it should import all the images you had one after the other.

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Got it - it works :slight_smile: thanks a lot

Thanks for this tip, Ugo. I couldn’t find anything in the manual that linked “import” and “image sequence”. Maybe the documentation team needs this one on their agenda? :wink:


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