Images missing!

Hi all,

I’ve been working on scene of hand-drawn animation in Animate Pro 2 for almost over a year now .

Suddenly I’ve opened the scene and all the layers bar one are no longer visible in the camera/drawing view anymore.

I’ve checked the network view and everything’s connected correctly.

The only visible layer is a BG layer btw.

I also attempted to import some of the tvg files into another new scene and the drawings are visible then.

Is there someway to refresh and reconnect drawings to a scene so that they re-appear???

Any help would be greatly appreciated,



You are asking this in the wrong forum.

If your elements are not connected to the final composite with a display module attached you will not see them. You were perhaps in “Display All” mode previously where you can view elements both attached to the network and not.

You need to have the display toolbar pulldown item set to the display module name of the network you are building. Usually being the first and sometimes only display module, it will simply be named “Display”. You can add other display modules at key composite nodes to spot-check effects at various parts in the network (using the render view).