images broken in a kind of random square cuts and disordered displayed.


when I press the key 5 inside a symbol, for example, then I press “top”, then some of the other images of other layers - that have nothing to be with the symbol that I press the key 5 - are displayed in pieces like square cuts.

example of images cut in pieces and distribuited in different parts of the screen:

maybe is a problem with a graphic refresh.

the problem is if that I press render, the render view is ok, but If I press camera again, the same error continues.
I press another views, like network, and then return and the same error continues.
so, I open in a new windows camera and then the same error continues.

I press for example to open a new symbol, the screen is refreshed, and then press camera, and the same error continues…
so, it is a kind of persistent error during the session.


If you clear the session (i.e. close the application and reopen) does the problem persist?~LillyToon Boom Support

the answer is yes, and If I close the application and reopen it again…at that moment the images are ok.yes=If I close the application and reopen it again and select any symbol (withut pressing the 5 key) the problem appears again and remains until I close the application. :slight_smile:

hialso this problem is happening in different scenes.and a kind of rectangle areas with squares inside too… that appears for example when moving in frames…it is getting hard to work with the camera view with the drawings shown in this form… ???

I’m trying to reproduce this problem on a fresh scene here and I’m not having any luck. What I’m doing is I’m creating a few drawing layers, then I’m creating a symbol that has some drawing layers in it. I double-click to go inside the symbol, then I select one layer and hit 5 for flip vertical. Then I go to my top view… everything looks fine here to me. I don’t gte any strange behaviour on other layers.Once again perhaps the best thing to do here is to take a look at your scene. Maybe you should send an email to directly regarding this issue. If you already opened another ticket with them, then you could also raise this issue in that ticket if you like.~LillyToon Boom Support

i would be interested to know the outcome of this because I am getting similar glitches while working in Animate 2.Thanks,Steve.

Hi,I’ve had the same issue on Animate Pro 2, but this also happened when I hit the ‘Order Network Up’ button, not just when I entered the edit symbol view.It looks like an OpenGL problem, but I can’t reproduce it at will either.Once it happens to a scene though, it corrupts it and the issue stays.I’m working with imported and vectorized psd images turned into symbols.OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bitPc Specs: Intel I7 quad core, 12gb ram, Nvidia GeForce Gtx 480, DirectX version 11.0

Parsenn, I don’t think we ever received your project - did you have a chance to get it?Steve and Hunimator, if you both have scenes where you can reproduce the issue, please email them to since we have yet to see a project where we can reproduce this. It’s difficult for us to debug it without seeing the project. The other option is that support can set up a connect session to view live what’s going on with your computer. That’s definitely another option, once again, we’ll be able to set this up if you email’d love to resolve this issue so please email us!~LillyToon Boom Support