images and line art disappeared!

Hello everyone,

I was working in Storyboard Pro recently and after opening the program today and loading my saved storyboard, everything seemed okay for a bit until I started clicking a a couple of panels in order to add some things. Once I did, the panel had “erased” both the screenshots and lineart. After that, more panels started disappearing after I had clicked on them.

I then decided to close the project and the program and restart. I then went back to the same project and reopened it. After about a second or two, all of my screen grabs and vector tracings have vanished. Some of the eyeball icons are open, while others are closed, but regardless… messing with the icons are useless. My pictures and lineart are currently gone. I was using the brush tool with my lineart if that helps at all.

Please offer any advice you could give. This is for a school project. Thank you very much!

This used to happen to me too, when I used imported bitmaps in storyboard pro 2 and 3D. But I only lost the bitmaps, not the line-art, maybe because I kept them on separate layers. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the lost images back after they had disappeared. Really frustrating!
Which version of storyboard pro are you working in? so far I haven’t had the same problem with Pro 4, so maybe an upgrade would help you.

This same thing has happened from time to time at the animation studios I have worked at, and the cause has always been one of these two things: Either the project files got moved while Storyboard Pro was still open, or the project folder or file got renamed while the project was open. When that happens, the program is looking for the drawings, but it cannot find them because the file path has changed. Can you recall whether you may have moved or renamed the file? If you did rename it, you might be able to fix the problem by restoring the original file/folder name.

Whether or not this is what happened in your case, keep in mind that it’s always safest to use the “Same As” function instead of dragging and dropping when you need to move or rename a project.

Hi all,
I know this reply is late but it may help someone. I have had the same issue and it’s due to moving the original file. When you create a file Toonboom automatically creates a folder on your desktop (unless otherwise specified). If this folder is moved or worse, trashed, then your artwork will disappear. You have to find this original folder and place it back to it’s original source. Usually the desktop. Then your file will work again.
I hope this helps.

The same thing happened to me too. Hours worth of work … gone. Is there a way that they will not disappear? I used photos and line art, and I know I saved them

Same thing happened to me recently and I feel your pain, nothing is more frustrating than watching an entire storyboard ‘vanish’. The other commenters are right, the problem stems from the project relocating without the ancillary drawing files. I’m beginning to think there are multiple ways this can happen. TB tech support helped me to discover the culprit in my case was almost certainly my online backup service backing-up my files while I had a project open. Another time I was attempting to replace an older version of a project by ‘saving as’ and overriding the old version. I now manually back up my project to an external hard drive, which isn’t ideal but (knock on wood) I haven’t lost any drawing files since. Good luck!