Image transparency

I am using 5.0 to make a few stuff for my website… and I can’t seem to export the images transparent. nothing seems to work. If someone could please help me, thanks.

Drag your image(s) into a “Colour Transform Element” / extend the default length of
20 frames to your needs / move the Time-slider to your desired position / in the Properties
click that little green plus symbol (+) and keyframe the Alpha channel…


sorry, I was in a rush and didnt get to explain what I meant.

I want to make the background transparent. It used to be but something happened and the background is now white.

Well, are you exporting Drawing- or Image-Elements. or both…?
For Image-Elements make sure they have an Alpha-channel (e.g. PNG’s, PSD’s…)

In your Standard Video Compression Settings choose Animation or PNG with the
Depth of Million of Colours+… (make sure you see the “+”, that’s the Alpha-channel…

If you export to an still image, choose one of the formats that support Alpha-channels…


I read this - very interesting for me too.
@nolan: Have you tried this with bitmap-images? If I try to transparence or animate the transparence of images (transparent png or so) the preview does not work. If I render to quicktime - the result is not correct - only in avi-files I see corect results - but without a preview - angry.
(Sorry for the bad english)

Thank you Nolan!

I had png set, but changing it to Millions of colours+ did what I needed!!! thankyou!