Image Switch Question


Today I was trying to use Image Switch between two different Cutters. This seems to work as I can switch between the two by entering the port value manually, but when I went to keyframe the values over time, I found that the Image Switch was not available in the Layers/Timeline view.

It’s not a huge deal because I can essentially get the needed result by keyframing a Transparency module above one of the Cutters, but I was wondering, is this a bug or did I run into a limitation with how Image Switch works with Cutters? The reason I wanted to use the Switch method was that it seemed like it would work more efficiently than the Transparency method. (With 17 fully rigged cutout characters interacting with each other, I need all the optimization I can squeeze into scene.) :slight_smile:

FYI, I can get Image Switch to appear in the Timeline with other setups–it’s just this specific use with two Cutters that’s giving me trouble.

Thanks in advance for any helpful insight. Using Harmony 11, btw, so not the latest version.


Nevermind! I think I see what I’m doing wrong. I should be editing the Image Switch in the Function Editor, not the timeline, correct?

Actually, I’m not 100% sure about that yet. Duh. :slight_smile:


Hmm. Still not sure about this. Right now I’m trying to switch between an image and a duplicate of the image with Mesh Warp applied. When I tried to change the Ports in the envelope for the Switch, Harmony crashes.

Will try this in a very basic test scene just to be sure the tool is working.


I don’t think the crash was related to the Image Switch but rather the Mesh Warp module. In my test scene, all I did was apply Mesh Warp and made a small adjustment and then crash. Just wondering, is there known stability issue with Mesh Warp or am I just having bad luck today?

Maybe it’s an issue with my display preferences setting–I did fiddle around with that earlier. BRB.