Image-switch node crashes Harmony 17


I have a problem with the image-switch node.
The moment I drag this node into the node view and connect it to a composite, the whole program crashes. Even when the image-switch node has nothing going inside it, the act of connecting it down to a comp gets me an instant crash.
I tried this on multiple machines (PC) and I even tried making a whole new file, just doing a bunch of shapes and an image-switch. The results have been inconsistent but Harmony crashes the overwhelming majority of the times. There must be something causing this issue but I haven’t been able to understand what.

Did anyone experience a similar issue?

Hello Marciparty,

For crashes like this, we generally recommend contacting our support team at in case there are underlying issues at play here that they can help troubleshoot. If you are encountering a bug, they’ll help us log the bug so that we can fix it in future versions!

If you can, please include the following info:

  • The specs of the PCs you have tried this on
  • Driver version (if possible)
  • A copy of the project that is causing you problems (if possible!)

They’ll get back to you as soon as they can in order to help you figure this out!