Image Sequence

Using Toon Boom Studio 3.5 build 59 / G4 iMac OSX 10.4.8

Recently I needed to re-render a little part of one of my image-sequences,
in this case only frame 200.png to 250.png.

So I went to Export Movie/Image Sequence/Timeline Current Scene/
Frames from 200 to 250/clicked OK.

Toon Boom Studio is nicely exporting the image-sequence - only one thing -
it doesn’t replace the existing sequence 200.png to 250.png as I expected,
so it would nicely fit into the rest of the sequence.

Toon Boom Studio creates new files - 01.png to 51.png,
unusable to reassemble with the rest of the existing sequence.

Hopefully I am just missing here something ?

Is there a way or a setting to make Toon Boom Studio either replace the existing sequence with the same numbers or creates a new sequence with the exact same numbers I put into the “Frames from-to-windows”.



Unfortunately you are not missing anything. When exporting to an image sequence, the frames are sent to QuickTime and it renders the sequence starting at one no matter which frame number it was.

They might be a way to trick this but right now this is the way it works. You will have to export frames from 1 to 250 and tehn replace frame 200 to 250 and delete the rest.

I’ll discuss that with rnd and see if that would possible. It could be useful.


Hi Mathieu,

Thanks for your reply and the acknowledgment that this feature could be useful.

For fairly complex and long scenes with slow render times it would be really nice
not to re-render the whole sequence again, because one just changed a “few” frames.
(One could of course rename the frames manually, but…).

Hope that this feature will get the approval of your R&D department
and will be implemented soon.


I’m running into this issue too. One of the huge benefits of exporting images instead of movie files is the ability to re-render a portion like this. With the range numbers being given, I really expected this functionality… so 7-8 years later, is this any more of a possibility?