Image Sequence NOT Exporting GLOWS and other effects! Please HELP

I have Animate Pro, trying to export an image sequence with a transparent background. I already saw some of the other posts about how to render with an alpha channel - exporting png4 from Render network - HOWEVER, some of the effects I have on my drawings are either coming out horrible or not at all. For instance, in one shot I have a sun with transparent rays and a glow effect on it as well - when I export this way, it renders out GREEN and nothing how it should look. The other drawings have glows and they don’t show at all. PLEASE let me know what I can do to get this right - been trying out several settings for hours now. Thanks!


Are your images RGB? CMYK gets garbled…

Ohhhh I’m not sure actually…how can I tell? Also, is there a way to change it to RGB without redoing everything?

On a Mac, you can see this when you do Get Info for a file.You can see it in Photoshop as Image>ModeWhat software did you use to create your files?

Oh, well I do have a Mac but no, I created ALL of the drawings right in Animate Pro. Then I added certain effects to the drawings in the module / network view, such as glow, transparency, highlight, etc.

If everything is created in Animate Pro, this should not be a problem.Try to export in a differnt format, like jpg?

I tried all sorts of formats - but I need the background to be transparent - not black, not grey, white…these are little animated drawings that must be imported into another program to lay over a live action movie.

You have the same problem in all formats?

HiPlease have a look at Lilly’s latest Tip Of the Week: exporting alpha use the file formats with the number 4 after it.Best regardsIvar

Thanks Ivar! I actually did see that video before, and unfortunately I’m still having the same issues after seeing this. Just tried exporting image sequence by choosing PNG4 in write settings in the network view…then I export, render network. The result was seemingly transparent images (the background looks grey when you open it in an image viewer) HOWEVER, many of the drawings were without the glow effects I put on them, and one drawing of a sun I did was green and blue, with weird outlines…I rendered a movie with animation compression and millions of colors + by rendering the network, and this time the movie resulted in the black background, but again, the images didn’t have the glow effects on them. The sun however, looked correct in this instance. Is any of this making sense to anyone?

…and just to confirm, we tested the alpha animation compressed movie file over the live action - the graphics look correct EXCEPT the glows around the objects do NOT show. Does Animate Pro have a problem exporting certain effects with the alpha option? Is this a bug or is there a different way of doing this?

Glow can be subtle, is sometimes hard to see, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t survive an export. Did you test your glow after export on exactly the same background as you used in Animate Pro?

I’d recommend emailing so they can try it out with your project file.